Fynite’s debut video for “On The Edge” is a youthful kick at pop-house production and Afro-soul continuance

Emerging through a fresh house mix and an enigmatic video release, Fynite brings a pop-invigorated debut featuring vocals by Mary Clare and production by the esteemed Sirup Label (Avicci, Kyle Watson).

“On The Edge” is filled with aesthetic sounds, the kind you’d expect from summer beaches, and sonically, that’s where the track takes us. The visuals don’t match up in this way – instead, they take us to London harbours and blue city scenes, and it’s certainly an interesting alternative. The direction is somewhat amateur however, and Mary Clare tends to push her screen performance, such that the video feels a little artificial. Together the setting and screenplay give off a lucidity that is unavoidable, but they trip up a little when it comes to production quality.

If we’re going on essential house tracks, “On The Edge” is filled with all the bits you want – the seamless breaks, the breezy vocal processing, and above all else, the energy. Albeit conventional it carries with it a relentless brightness that listeners will be unable to shake.