I Believe In Giants go straight back in time with their video for “Rise & Fall”

Big-dreamers I Believe In Giants take a leap into the deep-end of nostalgia with their video for “Rise & Fall”.

For those who remember the glory days of early 2000s pop-punk this track will instantly feel like home. With inspiration and motivation as its driving forces, it brings back memories of wild house parties and those cringey Facebook posts that we can’t help but try to smile at fondly.

The video completes this trip down memory lane. Featuring an old-school gaming console, visuals of He-Man and WWE (back when it was still entertaining circa John Cena), and action-figures of beloved cartoon icons, it hark back to a simpler time before the scourge of adult-hood brought us into the real world.

All of this paraphernalia gives us a glimpse into each band-member’s personality, and what brings them together as a whole. It’s as candid as can be as they unashamedly revel in the comfort of their youths.