Jackal And The Wind pay homage to home with their video for “Everything Slow”, bringing a confidently stylised creation to the table

Jackal And The Wind take to the beaches of Cape Town for their latest video, “Everything Slow”.

Loosely, it’s a homage to the late Ingrid Jonker, the legendary Afrikaans poet and activist. Frontman Chris Kruger grew up with her words and still takes great inspiration from them, ultimately producing a track that contemplates “the love and loss thereof”.

The setting is an allusion to the place where Jonker tragically took her own life, walking into the waves of the sea. Lyrically, Kruger alludes to the same asking, “Why would you run away into the depth of the ocean?” and as a young woman runs to the shore he is there to meet her. Visually, this is more than a contemplation of Jonker’s legacy – it’s a personal evocation and a beautiful portrayal of nostalgia.

Jackal And The Wind renew their pop beginnings with an indie groove that is undeniably Capetonian, and for people who grew up on those beaches, they will undoubtedly feel it. Everything slow, quite literally.