KILO KAMI is the freshest new trap producer on the decks and his debut release “TRNCE” and CT rap crew Gang Activity bring the heat

This is probably of the most interesting muso alter egos to surface in a while. You’ll probably know Werner von Weltsleben as the Cape Town session drummer who has worked with the likes of Matthew Mole, Arno Carstens, Sannie Fox and Karen Zoid. Now he’s taken a 180-degree turn to full-blown trap-house, hip-hop production and KILO KAMI is his name.

His debut release “TRNCE” comes along with some fiery verses dropped by Cape Town rap crew Gang Activity. It was born from a chance encounter of Zaniko La Kalito’s stuff online, which inspired the driving beat of the track, to a Red Bull Studios vocal recording between Kalito and the rest of the Gang Activity boys.

“Collaboration is my new favorite thing ever,” says Kilo Kami. “The energy in the studio that day was contagious and I hope to carry that through to every person who listens to this track.” It’s safe to say they succeeded. The track is a blistering trap-hop track. Fraught in texture, paring traditional Japanese elements alongside a heavy-pulse bass line.

His inspiration draws from all over the map. Hold onto your reigns though because the next release is set to be a pure pop anthem. KILO KAMI is just out here having fun.