Kirsty Adams’ new video “Distraction” is a subtle display of refined technique and cross-genre finesse

Kirsty Adams has pretty much every skill at her disposal, built over 17 years of both academic and professional experience, she brings them to the forefront of her latest video release, “Distraction”.

The video is simply Adams in sultry black and white, performing at a piano, and continues on in this way until the end – a fine display of her artistic restraint. It’s a raw, live set-up, capturing her restless passion in a moment which she describes as a retraction from the world, into a space of musical solitude. The visuals recreate this, drawing on the simplicity she so powerfully commands.

But the core of this track lies in Adams’ effortless vocal delivery. She moves from pop melodies to perfect dischords, as if singing in semitones was as easy as breathing. As she hangs on to her final falsettos, it’s hard not to feel something in the crisp beauty of those notes.

Adams is an assured artist with big aspirations. She redefines her genre with every step, interpreting pop through classical undertones and sophisticated energy.