Lungelo Manzi’s Live At The Chairman EP is neo-jazz celebration of his first two albums and puts a whole new spin on his artistry

Lungelo Manzi is having a stellar 2019 and he’s paving the road to a whole new slant on hip-hop at this rate. In August he recorded a live EP at The Chairman, forming part of an artist showcase for the annual music conference The Music Imbizo – and the result is an organic acoustic collection of his best songs until now.

Hip-hop is Manzi’s game – but bring Jaedon Daniel (Piano), Giyani Shangase (Bass) and Byron Thambu (Drums) into the live mix and you have yourself a jazz conglomerate. Hardly what you’d expect from his usual neo-rap tendencies but I’ll tell you right now: it works like a charm.

He gets candid (“The Illness” was written about his time in a psych ward for depression), quirky (“Hoodie” is an ode to girls who steal your hoodie and not your heart), and just plain sexy (“Satisfy” is a dark love song build on languid jazz lines).

The 45 minute EP is a full spectrum immersion into his live show – complete with laughing quips and explanatory stories; built on a piano foundation, and maneuvered just so with smoothly laid down rap verses.