M2KaNE drops heavy opinions on the hip-hop industry in his “I Don’t Want The Crown” video

M2KaNE (Mihlali Tukani) doesn’t give a damn about your Top 10 lists, props, and industry rankings – and he’s certainly not looking for your validation.

“I Don’t Want The Crown” is quick to quash any notions he has taken to hip-hop for any sort of shot at fame. This is his art, his sound and his name and he’ll thank you to keep it that way. It is vivid rejection of rank and rating the the industry people behind them.

Felix Maponga’s video accompaniment is smoothly shot, pink-lit and shadowy. He moves with stealthy swagger, verses peeling from his lips. PdotO jumps in last minute for a short-fire go at the mic. Everything about this video reeks of knife-sharp determination, rugged and rough around the edges.

“So you with your little marshmallow Top 5 list/ Keep my name out that page you were gonna write,” he spits. So pipe down and leave him to his own devices ’cause it’s his life and he’ll do with it what he wants.