murray.’s debut video and single for “Careless Me” is a throwback to simpler times when our actions weren’t defined by our consequences

Cape Town-based indie-rock newcomers murray. (no relation to Holiday Murray) are a red beanie-wearing, good times-vibing four-piece who’ve just dropped their debut single “Careless Me” and it’s a solid first offering from the Capetonians.

Matteo Angelucci, CJ Duckitt, Jeanré Leo and Leonardo Angelucci have been in and around the scene for a while so it’s fitting that they’ve all buckled down and found each other to form this quintessentially upbeat, indie group.

In true DIY fashion, the video for “Careless Me” was shot, directed and edited by the band. “The entire concept was to create an honest depiction of how we hope people will feel about the song,” the band collectively commented. “Specifically we hope people will dance to the song in their rooms, alone, in their underwear.”

The whole thing is very Risky Business of them, but it’s simple and it reinforces their red beanie calling card from the get-go which I think is very smart.

“‘Careless Me’ was never written with the lyrics as the focus of the song,” the band explain when questioned about the underlying narrative of the track. “The music and how we feel playing the song is what’s important. That’s kind of the murray. method. In this case, ‘Careless Me’ is a venting session. It’s both a fond and not so fond look back at a time when choices weren’t weighed down by their consequences so much. When love was perhaps best as short-lived as possible.”

I’m interested to see how this band’s journey unfolds.

Catch murray. at The Raptor Room tonight. It’s free so you have no excuse.