Nakhane joins forces with I-D and Gucci to talk about how the changing seasons affect his creative process

Since moving to London, Nakhane’s career has grown from strength to strength and his latest advertorial for I-D and Gucci in celebration of their new fragrance “Bloom” is, quite simply, exquisite.

The feature sees four young artists, including Nakhane, talk about how the changing seasons affect their creative process.

“I moved closer to a park on purpose,” Nakhane explains when asked how important it is to stay close to nature while living in London.

“Literally my partner wasn’t sure about the apartment: ‘Oh I don’t know,’ I was like… Do you see that view? We get to wake up to the green every day and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in a while, you know. I love it.”

Check out the full advertorial here.