Oshri goes all Capetonian Samurai in his “Focused” video using Rhodes Memorial as his backdrop

Radio-bred, EDM-inspired pop rules the airwaves here. Oshri teams up with Kash for this fresh new video and besides being a potent reminder that focus is the only way you’re gonna achieve those resounding dreams of yours. It’s also just a beautiful view of Cape Town through a strangely eastern lens.

“Focused” is soaked in Middle Eastern melodic flavours – even the bridging lyrics are sung in Hebrew – which should be no surprise as Oshri has been moving in quick succession through South Africa, L.A. and Israel as he builds his name.

The video is cinematic and pivoted off a Samurai-esque tangent. Rhodes Memorial forms the striking framework for Oshri’s swift and fluid martial movements as sweeping shots show off a very green-looking mountain. At its core, this is a real lush piece of work.