Ozwol Me just released his debut “Blue Lagoon” and it’s liquid experimental sound at its loveliest

You might remember James Tuft from Holiday Murray – the band we all love to miss desperately, and one of the solidifying points of Afro-pop circa 2011.

After disbanding and hightailing it to the beating heart of Berlin on a solo mission across continents, he released two EPs and navigated a flurry of street and bar performances – right up the legendary Funkhaus and Lido – alongside the likes of Alice Phoebe Lou, Bakery and Thor Rixon.

These days he’s back on home turf and hailing from beneath a brand new moniker: Ozwol Me. Cutting shapes through Cape Town, he’s even slotted into the Endless Daze line-up this weekend and – among pretty much everyone else on the poster – he’ll be a gem to catch.

“Blue Lagoon” was live-recorded in Berlin and forms a part of the Baketown Sessions. It’s a dreamy haze of sound. Abstract and contraindicative. Even the video tugs at artistic experimentalism: the black and white visuals shift in frontal perspective as the studio lights flick on and off, pulling the scene through every ground.

The track is boldly textured: build on a deceptively simple guitar and vocal line, it’s stripped and unpredictable. A muffled drum beat begins to drive it forward with a little more purpose at one point, but by then it’s hardly necessary.

His sound is like sinking into a hot bath: gently sublime and wholly immersive.