PJ Powers teams up with Skiv & Cash for a heartwarming homage to SA in their “I Got Faith” video

PJ Powers is one of those sort of classic household names which instills a little bit of vibrancy whenever her sound hits the airwaves. She’s pushed the envelope tirelessly over the years, navigating that heaving bridge of the 1990s straight through, maintaining a refreshing relevance right up to her latest drop.

She recently teamed up with fresh newcomers Skiv & Cash, who she discovered trawling the Pretoria scene and swept them up in a shared musical vision which manifested as “I Have Faith”.

“All three of us wanted to compose something that would help people to find the joy within themselves and their lives. We were particularly determined to celebrate the ongoing hope that we have as a society in South Africa today,” PJ explained.

The video channels the sort of uplifting sentimentality of people with a vehement love for this country. Cardboard signs are held aloft, emblazoned with the tag #IHF and the likes of music, dance, children and life are scrawled among the reasons this handful of South African’s still have faith.

The track follows a silvery, fine-line trajectory – treading the knife edge between radio-bred pop and off-kilter beat-driven sound. Deliciously modern and refreshingly abstract in equal measure. Skiv & Cash slide into the frame to deliver some fiery verses of their own as they navigate graffiti-smeared smeared streets – PJ striding through like a sort of musical matriarch in the background.

“We live in this incredible country where, despite at times being bombarded with negative news by the media we have so much to celebrate about,” PJ enthuses. That we do.