Platoon Africa is uniting empowered women and “Ungazilibali” is a spellbinding track from 5-piece female collective, Iqonga

“Ungazilibali” translates as “don’t forget yourself” – and in the vein of women’s empowerment, when it can become so easy to forget your power, or forget your worth in the cutthroat world we live in, this is perhaps the most important reminder of all.

The track was penned by five women: Ami Faku, Zolani Mohola, Msaki, Bonga Kwana together with US singer-songwriter Eryn Allen Kane. The song, brought together by a lullaby written by Zolani Mohola, is soul-searching and fragile, expertly balanced among the diverse collective of women.

Platoon is a London-based company founded in 2016, with the mission to evolve the music industry through a more philanthropic and artist-centric philosophy. With the recent foundation of the Cape Town Creative Lab (CTCL), Platoon Africa has planted roots in the mother city. The release of “Ungazilibali” demonstrates the dedication of the all-female team as part of the global movement towards social harmony and respect in the industry.

“We have a special mission here on earth as any creative, especially as a female […] this world is very deeply in need of our particular energy and our particular voice,” says Zolani Mahola.

The CTCL is the brainchild musician and entrepreneur Denzyl Feigelson. A tour-de-force in the global industry having worked with Paul Simon, Johnny Clegg, Gypsy Kings and even Steve Jobs in assistance with iTunes and Apple Music.

“Ungazilibali” brings together skills from across the map, these women are an expressive force of nature.