Smet pleks to Suip in the Southern Suburbs: Striped Horse Bar & Grill

York road has been described as Muizenberg’s Long Street, by me, right now, because of the night-life that has developed at Striped Horse.

That lil’ section of the Berg really does it for me, hey?

Located on the other side of the train station, Striped Horse occupies an massive space opposite the back-entrance of False Bay college. The actual venue is over 100 years old – eye-popping and screams smetness from the very first glance.

I used to go to Striped Horse almost every Tuesday because of the super-talented individuals that’d perform live-music there from 8pm onwards. It was always a spontaneous excursion that consistently included whatever Oroboros had to offer – which was usually a ridiculous Tequila special – probably why they’re no longer in business.

Too soon?

There’s a lot of stuff in Striped Horse, I mean, there’s a lot to look at – besides the people – sometimes I wonder if that place was decorated by Mexican pirates. There’s a definite Spanish theme that runs through the establishment as you can see bordello-style chairs, hand-crafted wooden tables, a piano, frames of Mary and Shakespeare… bra, there’s even a Jesus Christ jc’ing behind the bar. The weirdest kak is this large painting of a pelvis that’s been fused with an octopus. Why do they let people on tik paint?

I’m actually not one to bash creativity, but please don’t put stuff on the walls that makes my brain bleed.

For all those who are thirsty, which is all of us, the Striped Horse serves the entire Paarl-brewed range which includes lager, pilsner and pale ale. They also provide a selection of other locally-produced CBC concoctions including some kak I’ve never heard before like, Belgium’s Liefmans and St Francis’ Beach Blonde light.

Beers range from R30-R45 so make sure to have your tenners.

The Striped Horse’s chalkboard menu comrpises around about 10 items. The rego rolls dovel – you should definitely have a prego roll – beef or chicken. They also do Karoo lamb chops and I always think to myself, How they get those chops down from the Karoo?” but then I realise the train station is right there – imported goods.

Chicken wings also caught my attention but I was on a strict zinger diet that time so I couldn’t indulge.

I’d highly recommend popping in to Striped Horse on either a Tuesday or a Friday, just make sure you have medical aid.