Smet pleks to Suip in the Southern Suburbs: The Gaslight Café

The Gaslight Cafe is located on Surfer’s Corner and offers a beautiful view of that body of ocean that you guys all waste your time in every day.

In case you were wondering what the criteria of a “smet plek to suip” is, I say to you, a smet plek to suip is any establishment that serves liquor, period.

Anyway, back to the venue at hand. I walked into the Gaslight for the first time a few years ago. It was by mistake, but it was one of those mistakes I was glad I made. Immediately, I was greeted by warm faces and a certain middle-aged man who I initially thought was my father. He wasn’t, but he was the owner. In that hour I must’ve had at least six beers which was more than enough for me to fall in love with this plek.

Being a content creator, I am constantly looking for lekker spots that will allow me internet access for an extended period of time while I roek entjies and peep a newspaper every now and then – it makes me look like I pay taxes.

The Gaslight offers a stellar angle of the iconic Surfer’s Corner but it’s also literally next door to Muizies train station. Location, location.

The place is split down the middle giving customers a choice as to where they’d like to sit. The smoking section offers a bar and a plethora of high chairs for you to lum and enjoy the scenery, while the other side is more of a dining room area where groups can enjoy a variety of home-cooked meals.

The one thing I love about Gaslight is that you’re able to order breakfast at any time of the day. Bra, I woke up at 4pm the other day, went to through and had scrambled eggs, bacon, chips and jam on toast – I obviously wouldn’t have touched it if it wasn’t accompanied by an ice-cold crispy-fresh Black Label. Just so you know, their menu is a simplistic type of dense as they offer toasted and open saarmies, burgers, all types of seafood and a variety of warm dyt’s – try the lamb curry, son!

Voted the “Friendliest Place In Muizenberg” by me, right now, I’d highly recommend that you take your taanie or heck, take all of the women in your life for a refreshing walk on the beach and end things off at the Gaslight Café for a lekker little something-something.