#SpheresOfQueer Part 2: Chester Martinez talks us through the soundtrack to his teenage life

The music you listen to says a lot about you — it says what resonates with you, it says what you’re feeling, it says what’s on your mind, and it says what makes you happy.

The most recent searches on my current Spotify playlist are: KONGOS, Venga Boys, Cyrille Aimee, and FACE, each for its own reason.

KONGOS because I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview them — and I got to interview the hot brother, Dylan. As I was doing my research, I realised that they are hip AF and that I’ve been sleeping on greatness.

Venga Boys because I work at Stardust — a dine-out where the floor wenches (read: waiters) are all performers and we literally sing for our meals — and I needed some fresh throwback to add to my repertoire. Anyone remember “Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room…”?

Cyrille Aimee because this enchanted chanteuse is a jazz musician extraordinaire whom one day I’d like to grow up to be, I mean meet.

FACE because he’s a friend of mine who just dropped an EP and honestly it’s the freshest, smoothest sound to come out of Cape Town since Beat Sampras dropped their latest album.

Chester Martinez spoke to us about life, self-love and the art of slaying in #SpheresOfQueer, Part 1, but this time he’s giving us the inside scoop on what his teenage self was getting down to, all the way up to some of the most profound pop, forward-thinking pop on his current playlists.

Somebody ring the alarm, it’s about to get lit!

Al Clapper: What is the first song that pops into your head when you think of junior school?

Chester Martinez: Backstreet boys – Larger than life. The Backstreet boys were equally as important as the Power Rangers back then

AC: What was your teenage self listening to in a ‘this person just gets me’ kind of way?

CM: Paramore – Brick by boring brick. Paramore was pretty much the soundtrack of my teenage years.

AC: What’s your ultimate heartbreak song and why?

CM: Skylar Grey – I know you. I learnt very young that the only constant in life is change. When it comes to love, I love for life. I know the circumstances and dynamics of my relationships will inevitably change throughout the course of my life. Which is why when I have seen people for all that they were, are, and may one day become, I come to love them deeply, irrevocably and unconditionally – No matter the outcome of our relationship.

AC: What song just sets the pace for a good strut through the city?

CM: Banks – Gimme. I love a jam that fills me with a sexy, fierce and edgy energy. Banks epitomizes this so effortlessly and beautifully through her music.

AC: What song should everybody have on their road trip playlist?

CM: Janelle Monae – I got the Juice. This whole album is life to be honest! Janelle Monae is so powerful!

I second Martinez’ sentiments on Janelle Monae’s album and you would be doing yourself a favour to get involved!