Swandy’s video for “Anchor” is moody and manic and captures the essence of the track expertly

Alternative electronic-rock outfit Swandy’s video for “Anchor,” the latest single from their debut EP The Second Shift, is a fever dream that captures and in turn amplifies the song’s dark, manic energy.

With its heavy drums and dirty bass lines providing a counter-point to the synthesiser darting around above, “Anchor” flows with a sense of mayhem that keeps it from settling and becoming monotonous.

Set at what looks like this year’s coolest house party, the video taps into that same energy and creates a fitting visual manifestation of the song. The strobe lights combined with the out of place party decorations makes it feel like you’re a fly on that’s found itself on a wall in an in-between world where hedonism is encouraged and inhibitions ostracised.

It’s dark, moody, and manic and it captures the essence of “Anchor” so well that you can feel it even with the sound turned off.