The Kiffness continues his quest to make the SABC pay up in light of the R2.1 billion bail out they’re due to receive

When The Kiffness launched his #NoPayNoPlay movement at the beginning of August, he shed light on a subject not a lot of musicians or songwriters pay particular attention to – the accumulation and payout of their SAMPRA needletime royalties and SAMRO performance royalties.

And yesterday he dutifully reminded the SABC – and South Africa – that he wasn’t going to let their R2.1 billion bail out from the government that they’re due to receive today, just slide by.

Instead The Kiffness offered up his supremely smart suggestion for how the SABC should use that money.

In short, pay back every business that they owe money to, so that SA musicians finally get what’s legally owed to them. He cites the following businesses and amounts owed.

SAMRO: R125.8 mill
SAMPRA: R104.2 mill
(South African Music Performance Rights Association)
AIRCO: R8.8 mill
RiSA : R3.3 mill
CAPASSO: R6 mill

– The Kiffness

This is not chump change people. He equates being legally obligated to pay his TV licence with the fact that the SABC is legally obligated to pay out these above-mentioned businesses what they owe.

It’s pretty straightforward really. And now, we wait.

Read The Kiffness’ full statement here.

UPDATE: Make sure you sign the petition that The Kiffness started, we need all the help we can get here

Feature pic courtesy of Tyler Walker Photography.