Travis Scott gets stoned, surreal and cyborg-esque in his video for “Highest In The Room”

“I’m the highest in the room/ Hope I make it out of here,” Travis Scott raps from a moody rooftop: roiling clouds boil above and a bleak cityscape unfurls below. He puffs on a joint and the camera follows the smoke past his diamond-grilled teeth and down his throat.

This is Scott’s first release of the year, picking up the pace again after his three-time Grammy nominated album Astroworld (2018) and his newest endeavour: a riveting masterpiece of a Netflix documentary.

“Highest In The Room” first surfaced in a Kylie Jenner advert (let’s breathe past the awkwardness) and is a full-on visual dystopian trip, blurring the lines between love and intoxication. The track cruises through, leaning on Scott’s typical two-part looping vocal melody and a swathe of acoustic sound behind the beat.

Directed by Dave Meyers and Scott himself, the video follows a trippy journey through a kidnapping, a room full of strippers, through to a Fight Club-style grapple with a purple cyborg. It’s a whole lot of weird rolled into one: a gritty, semi-hallucinatory pop-hop inquiry into druggery and love and all the bits in between.