Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary frames him as the most influential musician to come out of Houston since Beyoncé

Out of all the music documentaries I’ve watched lately, two have stood out loudly like another Kardashian surgery. The one is Beyonce’s Homecoming, the other is Travis Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly.

The former is an intimate, in-depth look at Queen Bey’s iconic Coachella performance in 2018, detailing the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement.

The latter is a modern masterpiece that digs deep into the career highs and lows of a rapper that we really know very little about.

Travis Scott’s (real name Jacques Webster) platinum-selling third album Astroworld was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards in 2019. And while musicians today will preach to you that it’s just an honour to be nominated, when Scott didn’t pick up a single Grammy at this year’s ceremony he was visibly upset.

The documentary deals with a range of personal issues, but the emotional toll that those losses took on him are pretty hard to watch. The doccie even goes so far as to detail a conversation Scott had with Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston, backstage at a concert. The Mayor proceeds to give him a locker room pep talk that centres around faith and perseverance and it’s about as candid a scene as you’re going to get.

The documentary also shines a spotlight on the immense Astroworld Tour and features a barrage of insane concert and crowd surfing footage that you’ll never tire of.

And while I’m going to ignore the giant break-up elephant in the room (sorry Kylie) the intimate moments that Scott shares with daughter Stormi are going to have you awww-ing so hard.

Scott even credited Stormi as an executive producer on the film so that she could receive royalties. I mean, not that she’ll ever be hard-up for cash but the sentiment is adorable.

So whether you’re a fan of Scott or not, do yourself a favour and put this one your to-watch list right now.