Von Syren Productions are throwing a once-off burlesque show this week that fuses elements from the seven deadly sins together

Without the risk of sounding dramatic, Von Syren Productions have summoned you to join them in their descent into hell this All Saints Day, the 1st of November.

In association with creative director Milo Marcer, film producer and director Jason Craig Maydew, sound production by Ronnie Belcher and vocals by Terminatryx, a very production has been put together by fusing the aesthetics of the seven deadly sins together.

Pride, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, wrath and sloth will meet in a spectacular audio and visual experience, a burlesque revue totally unique to Cape Town, and firsttimers are encouraged to stick around after the show to chat to the cast to find out more about their performance.

Check out the Facbeook event here.