Alainite’s debut EP “After Hours”, drops the well-loved sound of a generation through the process of solo discovery

Alainite’s (real name Alain Marthezé) debut EP After Hours is a new school, hip-hop synthesis that’s bred for the climate of today’s industry.

Taking his cues from the likes of country singer turned trap-pop rapper, Post Malone, Alainite describes the EP as a process of discovery.

Having been a part of the industry over the course of the last decade – most notably as the singer of hardcore band, Emnity, and more recently the singer of pop punk band, Veladraco – these are uncharted waters from Alainite, who has been working slowly and steadily on his new venture.

He’s been quick to draw inspiration from various artists while simultaneously uncovering his sound as a solo act, and as a result, these 5 tracks could easily sit alongside current chart-toppers. This is because he’s seemingly figured out the formula to writing a solid pop song.

That being said, there’s little versatility across the EP as a whole and even though there are standout tracks (“Tired” is a surefire winner) things start to sound a bit same-same by the time the end rolls around.

Conversely his production is seamless – his vocal processing is current, the lyrics flow easily between the beats and the melodic centrepiece of each track takes fitting precedent.