Albany Lore’s, As You Were, Groove, EP is fraught in texture across the spectrum

Matthew Rightford has done his fair share on the music industry circuit – he’s now trying his hand at the music making itself – and man, this guy has a knack for just about everything.

The singer and saxophonist has dipped his tracks in everything from jazz infusions through to kwaito-beats and soul-funk vocals. Throw in a solid dash of hip-hop and R&B inflection and you’ve got yourself As You Were, Groove EP.  

A hollow percussive beat which almost borders on tribal kicks off “No Brights”, and voicemail snippets lend an edge to the post-modern funk-infused rhythm of “This Is Joy”. He throws in heady handfuls of jazzy brass and their space-cadet synth counterparts.

“Piano Arp” is as African as a Captonian white boy can get – threading in kwaito beats and earthy rhythm-vox as he pieces the track together like a hazy collage. Navigating love in a time of tapped devices “Payphone” is a quirky nod to our modern times – while “Hand It Over”, which features Xvntura wades into the shallow end of hip-hop.

It’s brimming in elusive, multi-medium elements and he pulls influence from just about everywhere and packages it into a patchwork canvas of an EP.