Bottomless Coffee Band remind us that life doesn’t always need to be serious with “Is Ons Al Daar”

Bottomless Coffee Band are back with a brand new single called “Is Ons Al Daar” and an accompanying video that’s as slick as it is colourful and light-hearted.

It’s safe to say that everyone gets wrapped up in society-induced stress every now and then. Between keeping a steady career going and trying to keep oneself sane on a personal level, it’s easy to become overwhelmed – and that’s exactly what this song is about.

With an upbeat, happy-go-lucky feel it reminds us that, on a day-to-day level, it’s important to take a moment to breathe and, on an existential level, that life doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously.

It’s this sentiment that the video brings across. With the help of some seriously slick editing the duo, Lourens and Este Rabe, portray a variety of characters – all equipped with their own lives and, in turn, their own worries. As the video goes on these characters start loosening up and finding a little bit of fun in the midst of the rat-race we’re all a part of.

The video is a colourful reminder that life is for living and that, in between the tedium and the pressure, there is always time to dance.