Constellatia’s debut album, The Language of Limbs, is a powerful and emotional journey

Constellatia’s debut album The Language of Limbs is an, at times flawed but still powerful, affair with moments of calm breaking up the storm.

The opening track “All Nights Belong to You” sets the scene for what’s to come. It is an album defined by a mixture of relentless blast beats and sweeping instrumentals that are only stopped from monotony by guest vocals from Alison Rachel (of Honeymoan fame) and Lucy Kruger. 

There’s a sense of raw desperation in Keenan Oakes’ vocals as they swim beneath the instruments, becoming a part of the soundscape rather than taking the spotlight. Although the lyrics require a lot of concentration to decipher, it’s their subdued quality that brings an added power to the piece.

The blast beats, at times, can break the spell that is cast by the rest of the album. While their contrast with the melody lines increases the sense of drama and adds to the massive sound Constellatia achieve they end up sounding glitchy, a little like a computer on the fritz.

The album, despite its obvious drawbacks, is a powerful album filled with tension and drama that, if you allow yourself to be swept along, is an absorbing emotional journey.