CrashCarBurn pump the brakes in latest video and single for “Headlights”

The title-track off CrashCarBurn’s last album is sure to throw you back to the good ol’ ‘80s’, as drummer and brains behind the accompanying music video, Bugsy Barnes, opens the song with a reverberating snare threaded together with dreamy synths, pulsing to the rhythm of flashing lights.

The smooth synths and echo-ey snare gluing the lyrics together reminds me of Australian indie-folk band, The Paper Kites’ 2015 release, “Electric Indigo”– an oldie, but a goodie.

Like the song, the video is slow and sentimental which isn’t the rock band’s usual MO.

Slow motion shots, a heavy downpour and a selection of moody landscapes make for all the right ingredients of a good drama, as the video cuts between the performers and shots of a woman soaked from sitting in the rain as lead vocalist, Garth Barnes, prompts her to follow the lights.

Lyrics “Headlights will show you the way” act as the departure point for the video as the chorus conjures a Titanic-esque feel to it – cue the flutes!

Taking just over six months to complete, timing was everything in the production of the video.

The sheet that you see floating (at times, rather awkwardly), through footage of moody scenery, reflecting Barnes’s face was held up and flown around by two drones as the footage was played at double the speed relative to the sheet so that once the sheet was slowed down, the projected footage played in real time.

Bugsy pieces together colour, light and slow-mo shots which provide a dramatic backdrop against which the story plays out.

Lyrically and melodically, “Headlights”is a track you would expect to chaperone the rolling credits of your favourite romcom as Barnes comments, “It’s [“Headlights”] a song about how the right person can heal you; lift you up out of a dark place and make life something beautiful again. Once you find that person, you’ll do anything to hold onto them”.

If you’re a sucker for belting out ballads, this one’s a must playlist.