Daaf Vapor’s Northam Lights album has got its footprints all over the genre map

Dawid Kahts – aka Daaf Vapor – has over 20 years of experience navigating the music scene and it shows.

His latest album, Northam Lights fast-tracks through everything from rock ‘n’ roll to reggae. He’s played session guitar for bands navigating Afro-jazz to Metal, fronted Afrikaans electro-rock outfit Thys Nywerheid , and even hooked a viral techno remix.

It’s an impressive repertoire. It’s tricky to translate into a cohesive album though. Old-school psych rock tendencies rule “5 Seconds of Fame” and “All of My Heroes are Dead” – while a lazer-synth EDM-style takes on “Aquarium”.

He got indie-rock bounce (“Autotune” and “Wake Up”), a couple of hip-hop-esque efforts (“It’s A Nice Day For Freedom”), and even a full blown reggae number through in for good measure, aptly titled “Babylon Bong”. However, amid the wild tack-changing trajectory of the album, clutter builds at the edges of almost every track. There’s a clumsiness which trips it up: the sort of edge which comes from perhaps ambitiously powering through an album a bit too fast.

But beneath it all he’s a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades, Master of fun” – and actually if there ever was a sentence to pin this guy down, that would be it.