Faraway George’s live single “Sugar Cane” is a bid to get back to basics

Faraway George is back with a new, live single “Sugar Cane” characterized by sensitive vocals, classic blues and above all else, clean-cut performance. Shot at Centurion Theatre, George’s decision to record live stems from his desire to move back to the magic of raw performance. He believes that “there are too many possibilities” during the production process, such that “the freedom ties [him] to indecision”.

“Sugar Cane” forms part of a conglomerate of three other live tracks that are still to be released and boasts a band of like-minded musicians which allow for interesting interpretations. The variation in this wider group dynamic translates beautifully.

In some ways it’s a pity that George has moved from the jazzier touch of his earlier stuff, because he’s lost a little versatility along the way – such that “Sugar Cane” starts to feel a bit one-dimensional after he runs the formula once through. 

It’s a wholesome piece, written with a deeper artistic instinct, and it’s powerful – but if he wants to set himself apart from other folk acts of today, he’s got to push that instinct all the way.