Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #106

Ok, wow. It’s already November. Which means the year is pretty much over and we’re about to crack open a fresh decade too. I don’t mean to make you panic, but also, panic!

Start collecting your music for the party season, you’re gonna need a killer soundtrack for your pool parties, road trips and that house party that’s going to piss of your neighbours.

Grassy Spark – Sedgefield

Grassy snuck this one into our pockets this week and asked us to keep it safe until its release today. I know it’s probably tough for the OG Grassy fans to let go of the old sound but I cannot get enough of this electronic playfulness that shows the band is not afraid to broaden their expertise as they develop as musicians. I want to play this one repeat, it’s a beauty, and we still get to enjoy the warm brass section we know and love.

Leon John – Pray For You

It should be illegal to start your day with this much soul, but that’s not going to stop us! Leon John has the spirit, tone and warmth that modern pop balladry epitomizes. This is sold out stadium kind of business, an undeniable ability to move a crowd to tears while they follow every word – that is what I hear when I play this song and I know you probably will too.

RRA – Cop Out

This artist excites me, every time I hear more of his music I admire how confident and proud he is of his hip hop, industrial and post-punk influences. He has taken his diverse interests and formed a well constructed yet raw product that catches your attention immediately. If you haven’t taken note in past features, please take note now and keep this guy on your radar.

Kinders Vannie Suburbs – Thanks For The Memories

“I wasn’t in love with you, I was just lonely” – I don’t think I’ve heard more relatable lyrics in a long time. Now more than ever we live in a time where people use each other as distractions or a safe harbour from reality. It’s a sad state of affairs and this honest, heartfelt confession will speak to many of us. Whether we are the lonely one or the fool.

Albany Lore – No Brights

We’re creeping ever closer to Albany Lore’s full EP release and he has done an incredible job of building our interest by sharing singles and music videos in the preceding weeks. He even executed a mini-tour to Durban and Johannesburg to spark interest for his music with a new audience. Add this new track to your playlist and flag the full release for the end of the month, you won’t regret it.