Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #108

Almost every night this week I’ve gone to sleep with crazy thunderstorms as my lullaby. The energy in the air during a Johannesburg summer is electric (yup!) and instills a feeling of excitement and possibility in me. I’m not sure if everyone else feels the same way but even as a kid I revelled in being caught in the rain up here.

This week’s selection has me feeling a lot of the same feelings that these rainstorms do and if you had no idea what I was banging on about, hopefully, the music will give you an idea.

Msaki – Pearls To Swine feat Tresor and Kid X

Over the past year, Msaki’s voice has blessed our ears on house tracks, on her own compositions and many a stage across the country. This new offering with Tresor and Kid X greets us with a sultry bass line and violins that flirt with the rhythm. The combination of Msaki and Tresor’s harmonies with the deep, raw verse delivered by Kid X is a perfect storm. An ode to taking risks for life and love, and how your efforts can go unnoticed and unappreciated by those closest to you.

LURAH – Pop Off feat Chingatime

A cocktail of English, Afrikaans, and Vernacular rap from Cape Town-based Lurah and his collaborator Chingatime. The video is the signature crew love effort with the homies which is a key aspect of come-up narratives among young artists in hip hop. A small taste of his album, New Drugs 2, the low-slung trap beat gives the rappers room to move around the breadth of the tune. The delivery is slick, the track is a strong offering and the “unofficial video” is a simple visual mood executed really well.

N’veigh – Summer 95

Wow! What a kick of 90’s kwaito influenced nostalgia, smooth lyrics bouncing along with the rhythm in a perfect partnership that will have you singing along immediately. The visuals capture the mood of the track succinctly, conjuring a yearning for summertime get-togethers in the backyard of your friend’s house. Kicking back without a care in the world because it’s holiday time and no pressure or reality check can reach you.

Uncle Partytime – Rough Patch feat Una Rams 

This kid has been working hard. Living up to his name, Uncle Partytime has become a paternal figure of the groove in JHB. And now that his expertise includes producing low-key bangers like this, we won’t be resting any time soon. Una Rams came through with a vocal accompaniment that beautifully fills the melody gaps left open for him in the song construction. All the elements of this track have been considered and discerningly housed so they each have their time to shine.

Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy – Steal A Car

The name of the band got my attention straight away. It gives no indication of what kind of music they make and so could never prepare me for what happened when I pressed play. I also forgot that my headphones volume was on maximum so I got a bit of fright as the song starts abruptly and noisily – just the way this style of Americana-esque punk should. As I keep the swift and punchy track on repeat, the overwhelming feeling I get is reminiscent of Dookie-era Green Day and that’s ample reason for me to co-sign them encouraging me to steal a car to get to their show.