Gavin Ferguson’s new video “Not Right” is a lively portrayal of the freedom that comes with honesty

Written from the perspective of someone who has been unfaithful, Gavin Ferguson’s new single and video “Not Right” is the essence of 2019 pop.

“The concept was birthed when I realised that this was not something I could do. I discovered that this kind of honesty and openness in a relationship is a truly liberating experience,” Ferguson explains on writing the ballad.

Commercial pop rarely translates an artist’s genuine standpoints, yet Ferguson’s freedom of lust really comes through in the music, and more so in the video. He moves from club lights to a metal scrap yard to an old age home – and while it can be confusing shifting between such drastic scenarios, the overriding message here is not coherent visual display. It’s carefree and fun, and as he dance’s with these different characters, the contrasts actually allow Ferguson’s message to resonate within a wider demographic context.

While the formulaic writing and catchy melodies are appealing, this isn’t the kind of music that’s likely to push Ferguson forward – sticking too closely to the safe-zone of pop for comfort. With the passion he’s shown, it’s clear he has the will, now it’s time for the execution.