Go The Rodeo rejoice in setting personal boundaries in their video for “Head in the Sand”

The video for Go The Rodeo’s newest single “Head in the Sand” finds catharsis in being as candid as possible.

The song is an upbeat, synth-driven celebration of limiting the amount of emotional capital you spend in relationships. It’s the realisation that letting yourself be taken advantage of in the name of love isn’t heroic and in turn, that it’s necessary to put a cap on how much you’re willing to give.

Comprised heavily of footage taken from their recent Cape Town tour, the video channels an infectious feeling of newly found freedom and confidence. It’s a candid glance into the lives of the guys behind the sound – with a sheep or two featuring here and there. Being nothing but themselves, the trio have a magnetism to them as they let us into their lives for a few minutes. 

It should also be noted that the song features karaoke subtitles in case you’re hoping to sing along from the jump.