Grassy Spark have redefined what’s truly important to them and their “Sedgefield” video is an ode to just that

There’s a lot to be said of a band who can go through a full-body shape-shift and come out the other side shining. Grassy Spark has had my heart, ears and dancing shoes for a long time, and witnessing them reinvent their sound with this sort of finesse is glorious.

“Sedgefield” has been a long time coming. It’s a sort of reconciliation of their sound: a moving onwards and upwards with authenticity and a willingness to change.

“It’s an ode to the many who choose not to view Grassy Spark, based on what they project onto us, but instead, choose to support the intention behind our new ideas,” explains frontman Josh Riley. “This is what defines family and true friendship – putting personal preference aside.”

The track is soaked in synth textures and oozing, languid bars through which an almost anthemic quality seeps. Gone are the years of rugged reggae-ska shenanigans. It’s polished almost-pop now and their evolution is pretty damn impressive.

Their accompanying live video drops today and it’s a feel-good peephole into who they are these days. Filmed from behind the walls of a Mother City townhouse, the Grassy crew simply do what they do best, and shred their way through a rendition of the song. Houseplants and abstract art set the scene (with fan-made videos hanging in frames along the walls) – even the Rasta rug, which I’m pretty sure is a re-purposed hammock, has its place.

Grassy Spark continue to be one of the most interesting and constantly evolving bands on our scene and we’re goddam lucky to have them.

Available for streaming here