In Review: Endless Daze Festival 2019 Fashion Top 10

I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone who has ever camped with me would think twice before a redo.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the vibe that keeps on vibing. But my preparation is shocking. Or rather my priorities don’t match up with others’ camping priorities.

My priorities? Fashion!

I’ll pack a sleeping bag with a broken zip, I’ll forget a pillow, but I’ll bring 15 outfit changes.

So I brought along my photographer, Nick Andrews, to capture the like-minded festival folk who fancy fashion above all else, and we compiled the first ever TATC Look Book.

Here are our top images, in no particular order.

1. A couple of high fives to a couple of fashionistas. Can I get an amen? The gorgeous goddess on the left is giving me Pride, giving me bikini-bod-but-don’t-get-this-wool-wet, giving me cherry lips. Mister on the right is looking regal in his belted royal blue cropped sleeve suit. Shade game strong on both fronts.

Verdict: crochet bae, you can stay!

2. Whether it’s faux or fo’ real, I love me some animal print. Love that he’s keeping it casual and flashing some chest fluff, and I love that he’s pairing it with a pair of peach linen pants. Here’s a man who knows how to accessorise – gold links, brown bracelets, and hot dayum that gold neck brace.

Verdict: if chakras are fashion, this brother’s got his aligned!

3. If you thought I wasn’t going to slip one of the ten outfits I brought along (and actually wore), you’ve got yourself fooled. Been working on these legs all winter so putting them on show was obligatory. All black and keeping it cool in crochet (but boiling beneath the surface).

Verdict: “I can be your She-ro baby!”

4. All about the rugged and all about that pattern. Can someone say: Safari Chic? Rocking a brown leather jacket even though it’s too hot, classic washed denims, sepia shades and a grey felt hat, I am picking up what he is putting down.

Verdict: Oom Koekemoer reporting for fashion duty! Pretoria, take notes.

5. The beauty of being a blonde babe is that you can wear anything and get away with it. And let me tell you, in this oversized Hellcats tee (shout out to the band) and wide-brimmed straw hat, this is exactly how you pull off ‘woke up like dis’!

Verdict: I’m too sexy for my shirt.

6. I’ll be honest, I was a little confused about why I liked this guy, but I just knew I did. The more I looked at the orange sunflower print on his shirt, the excessive inkage up and down his bod (throat included; please take note), and the pink hair, the more I realised that I felt like chewing on a Chappie. And I’d probably chew on him, too.

Verdict: Bubblegum punk isn’t dead!

7. This is how you blue on blue. This is how you denim on denim on denim. This is how you pose. This is how you pout. Top this tutorial off with a gold silk jacket and a popping pink lining, and you got me good. I’m getting blue jean L.A. lady on the left. I’m getting Shia Labeouf post-Disturbia on the right.

Verdict: Couples who slay together, stay together!

8. Can someone say: “Charlie’s Angels on an undercover mission”? We all know who’s Drew. We all know who’s Liu. And none of us mind Cameron-gone-bad-ass! I’m also getting Charmed, getting Joan Jett & the Runaways, getting Practical Magic, and getting Girl Interrupted.

Verdict: Oe la mother fucking L.A. Witch!

9. Welcome back to this slay bae who came in hot, and came here with options. Very fashion-forward, lazing about looking like she knows what’s hot in London right now. She knows that neon animal print is the new black. She knows we’re all watching, and she is here to give us a show.

Verdict: Her anaconda don’t want none…

10. What’s pipin’ playa? There is no greater travesty than a photographer that’s cute AF, ‘cause they’re always on the wrong end of the lens. I was having none of it with Nick, and we had to document this look he was serving. Bold stripes, pastel patterns, and denim Disney deluxe – it’s the Mickey Mouse Club revival and he don’t take no autographs.

Verdict: Ain’t no lie, baby Bye Bye Bye!

Thank you fashionistas of the festival. Y’all were fifty shades of slay!

All photos courtesy of Nick Andrews

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