Indulge in some quality left-field rock excursions in Evert Snyman’s album, The Aviary

It takes a damn well seasoned musician to churn out an album like this – and Evert Snyman has clocked almost 2 decades on the music circuit, dipping in and out of bands such as Dragon Invasion, Pink Noise, and Black Pimpin’ Jesus (I joke not). These days he’s better known as guitarist and vocalist of Pollinator.

Taking a step back on his own, he recently dropped his debut solo full length album, The Aviary: a multi-dimensional hour of conglomerate rock sound which tilts from pysch rambling to acoustic pop hooks and back again.

While toughly textured, let me clarify to begin with, this is a full-bellied rock offering for the most part. Roaring vocals and break-neck riffage stretches on for 5 minutes at a time. “Nothing Is Easy” and “Avoiding Matinee” hone right in on the classic aspect of his genre.

Mixing things up, “Dead Birds” is deeply rhythm-rooted and awash in percussive texture – one for my books – while “Forcing That Smile” kicks things off with polka-dot synth. Pitching falsettos and growing verses counter acoustic finger-picked stylings which surface too. And just to keep you on your toes, “Genius of Love” turns things full pop-funk ’80’s hooks and bounce.

This guy has his fingers in a whole lot of the better pies and it shows.