Isaac Dennison’s video for “BRONCO” is a self-driven creation of low-fi force

Isaac Dennison’s debut, Inside, went to show that he was more socially aware than what he puts out – behind that street exterior there’s a truly committed musician. The Joburg-based artist does it all on his own too, writing and self-producing, and his latest video is right up that alley.

Directed by Dennison himself, “BRONCO” is an exaggerated portrayal of how urban life should be, honing in on the youth and asking them to be brave during times of rebellion.

The video takes place around town, in playgrounds and in parks, with Dennison at the front of an all-kid’s band. Donned in black leather and grunge, these youngsters aren’t shy to throw a fist, which really suits the feel of Dennison’s sound. It’s a low-fi hip-hop driven by his charismatic force – and in this sense, the video couldn’t have worked better.

As admirable as it is, Dennison takes on a lot for himself, and sometimes the work falls detriment to that. A grayscale filter over all the visuals with isolated colours, which seems more like a gimmick than a creative choice, and the overall production feels a little amateurish. Put that with the crazy vocal muffling and the overworked machine rhythms, and it seems like Dennison is really overcompensating at times. He’s backed by an incredible will, let’s clean up the clutter now.