John Cena surprising Sho Madjozi on The Kelly Clarkson Show is life goals

Alright, so, if you’re a regular reader to TATC you’ll know that we’re obsessed with Sho Madjozi and even more so with her instantly iconic track “John Cena”.

I have subjected many an Uber driver to me playing this song on loop during long-ass trips but none of them ever seem to mind.

Anyway, it was inevitable that eventually Sho Madjozi would meet the wrestler-turned-actor, and we can now confirm that it has indeed happened. And in the most spectacular fashion.

While performing “John Cena” the track’s namesake walked right up behind her and starting jiving. I mean, if this shit isn’t life goals then I don’t know what is. Sho Madjozi’s reaction is understandably, priceless. Happy Friday kids.