Milan Rendall’s debut music video “Sweet Poison” is a polished, cutesy take on a tried and tested formula

Milan Rendall, Cape Town-hailing multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, just dropped his debut music video for “Sweet Poison”.

Shot in Germany, he has created something that is nice to look at, but also something refreshingly different to your usual Saffa music video style. Here it’s all yellow anoraks, cloudy skies and quaint European cobbled streets. Ten out of ten for location scouting. 

I say nice because it’s actually the perfect word. Neither the video, nor the song ask too much of the audience’s interpretation. Neither presents something we haven’t seen or heard before.

The vocal delivery, while also nice, doesn’t do the lyrics the sort of sassy justice they pretend to demand though. It’s very all bark, no bite. From catchy hooks to unexpected rap-like verses, the song bounces back and forth – and it feels a bit schizophrenic in all honesty. The sax solo, however, is in exactly the right place, a tasteful show of skill.

His experimentation suggests a very promising sound. A little less safe-play and he’ll be on the money. As far as music video debuts go, this well-packaged ear worm is a job done ever so nicely.