Milky Chance don’t know how to play “The Game” (of life) but they’ll damn well try and so will we

Milky Chance might have a brand new album, Mind The Moon, slated for release in two days, but they’re quick to admit they’re out there winging it through life, just like the rest of us.

“The Game” pretty much sums up the challenges of keeping your head above water in a relentlessly changing life. “One moment you’re building something you’re at peace with, and then with one change, the stability is all gone. It’s probably easier to learn to swim than build your own island,” the German duo explain.

The track is the epitome of their chosen folk-pop genre and hones right in on what we know Milky Chance do so well: pacing an easy listen through a blend of percussive, rhythm-driven melody and lazy pop hooks.

The video channels the band’s classic obliquity as they take on bowling – indirectly – as their chosen game. In spite of the bittersweet lyricism, the duo are the height of cool as they speed down empty country roads, hipster-esque behind the wheel of some glossy vintage car whose model evades me.

It might just be me, but they look like they’ve got the game down nicely.