Milky Chance take a psych-reggae route in their Tash Sultana collab “Daydreaming”

Dream-pop nuances meet reggae beats and implode. This is Milky Chance feat. Tash Sultana and they are the sort of unexpected collaboration which makes for a sure-fire release.

“Daydreaming” is the first single of the German duo’s upcoming album Mind The Moon which is set to drop on the 15th of November. In teaming up with Aussie multi-instrumentalist and fire-cracker performer Tash Sultana, they’ve collectively produced a wily, trip-cat combination of sound and visuals.

The video charts the Milky Chance guys on a cross-country trek across a picturesque mountain range in search of buried treasure – what else?! When, after tossing an crystal ball aside, Sultana appears genie-esque in a puff of smoke – cross-legged on a floating toadstool. Classic.

The track itself is stacked in dream-pop and wispy reggae influence courtesy of Sultana. A driving percussive beat brings up the rear, sliding in a classic Milky Chance slant to the track which manifests as a boldly balanced combination of their distinct styles.

It’s all playful experimentalism, lilting vocals, and solid beats backing it through the trippy haze as they navigate the daydream mechanisms which kick into play when you don’t know how to deal with reality. And Milky Chance and Tash Sultana know how to conjure up one good daydream.