MoMo lay bare a grand, cinematic Jozi sub-culture in their video for “Carry On”

MoMO is what manifests when three seasoned pros come together with the goal to create a swampy, uncompromisingly dark record.

“Carry On” is the first single off the upcoming album Dark City. A rousing, folk-infused rock anthem with heels firmly dug in the old-school rock complexities of the ’70s and toes tentatively dipping into the obscurities of 2019. Simply put, it’s a solid throwback, effortlessly bridging decades.

At its core, this band is paying homage to the the dark days of SA and the music flowed through the gritty evening streets of Joburg. Their sound tastes like the city: of tar and petrol fumes, corruption and love.  

Black and white footage of deserted, grimy city streets form the basis of the music video. The full-bodied track leaps forth with boundless abandon: Rob McLennan’s (No Friends Of Harry) hearty vocals lending a wholesome, warm quality to the jangling sound. A funeral-esque procession led by a marching band move down the peeling streets.

These guys have seen the dark years which line the city’s cracked pavements and it shows, with beautiful classicism, in their sound.