Mymymy take us back to the ’80s with their latest EP “Oorskiet”

Bilingual synth-pop outfit Mymymy bring the slightly off kilter, synth-driven sound of post-punk into the 21st century with their latest EP Oorskiet. 

Each song tells its own story through carefully crafted minimalism, showing a pitch-perfect understanding of what makes a good pop song.

“In Hierdie Dorp” is a slightly mournful snapshot of a small town near you, capturing the complicated, love-hate relationship so many people have with their hometowns. Fondness, grief, nostalgia and disillusionment dance together creating an evocative tapestry of sound.

“Ooh Look At Me” picks up the tempo as the verses point a sarcastic finger at artists who have access to everything they need, before the choruses turn the tables and shoot an understanding, supportive nod from one artist to another:  “Go girl go, do your show,”.

The title track takes us to a murky, mildly sinister after-party where things get messier and stranger as time ticks by, before “Stare” brings the curtain down in a haze of infatuation.

As any good pop should, these four tracks tell rich, layered stories with a deft handling of subtext in the lyrics and clever musical mood setting.