New Volume’s video for “Love Drug” dives into a dimly-lit underground club for a bit of after dark decadence

All truly great things come in threes.

Harry, Ron and Hermione. Han, Luke and Leia. Destiny’s Child. blink-182.

And so, in keeping with the “Name A More Iconic Trio I’ll Wait” theme, there’s no better time to start talking about alternative rock group, New Volume.

From their multiple tours of Europe alongside Our Last Night and Courage My Love, to their music being featured on CSI: New York, the SA-born, London-based band have been making some serious strides and in the wake of their new video for “Love Drug” (released under their new label ENVY Recordings), you need to start paying attention to them if you already haven’t.

Despite being a trio however, Tyron Layley (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Morris (lead guitar/vocals), and Adam Jenkins (drums) have created a sound that’s fuller and richer than you would perhaps expect.

“We’re a three-piece, but we decided we weren’t going to be bound by that,” Tyron explains. “Playing around with a Moog and synths inspired us to break free from the bass, drums, and guitar approach. It was the benchmark for where we wanted the sound and band to go.”

Their Depeche Mode-rooted sound in “Love Drug” (that at times flirts with textures of synth-pop) traverses the universal theme of sexual attraction, underpinned by a video that runs us through a club jol that I really wish I’d been invited to.

As Masked shmodels dance under falling glitter confetti things get progressively hotter as the video progresses and like I said, why wasn’t I invited?