Steve Umculo pairs up with Kiruna-Lind on “Just Kids” to find comfort in the memory of simpler times

Steve Umculo has teamed up with singer-dancer-actress Kiruna-Lind for “Just Kids”, and the blend couldn’t be better. Kiruna-Lind’s tender vocals work beautifully with Umculo’s sweet melodic composition in a contemplative delivery. 

Umculo describes the collaboration as something of “a brand-new energy and innocence that [he] hadn’t yet considered,” – and that revitalization seems to be the passion behind their collaboration. 

The track imagines a generation that has lost touch with itself, and with humanity entirely, finding comfort in the nostalgia of simpler times. There is a calmness over everything, even the sweeping strings that pull the track to a close, reminding one to be uplifted by the present. 

The visuals are alike, played out through the natural charisma of Umculo and Kiruna in the studio. It’s shot entirely in grayscale, and for the most part follows the duo and their accompanists as they record. It cuts from moments of actual performance to genuine displays of emotion – laughing, talking to each other, and even the sneaky dance move.

Albeit clichéd, it gets the pair’s message across. Their pledge is momentary bliss, and it’s hard not to crave that feeling after watching this.