Take a trip through time and space in Bottils new EP “End of the Continent, Pt. One”

Bottils knows how to audially encapsulate something – anything – in his bubble of experimental sound and End of the Continent, Pt. One is a richly explored journey through the world of sound.

The EP dropped a couple of days ago. And in the midst of eerie melancholia-soaked offering (“A Circle of Kamassi Trees” and “As If It Was Happening for the First Time” hold the reigns here), “Large Magellanic Cloud” comes through with a driving, grooving progressive bounce. The percussive soundscape is fraught with textural synths, and indie-pop influence.

The Magellanic Clouds are two dwarf galaxies only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. All in all, quite a spectacle if you have the telescopes to go with it – and Bottils first wrote the track after visiting the South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland, in the Tankwa Karoo.

Following up in it’s wake “Jellyfish Bloom” is an eerie, tranquil epitome of the creatures themselves – while “January” is a spacey reflection on being lost in this world.

It’s an instrumental experiment gone quite right and it’s probably one of the best left-field releases I’ve heard this year. Time to get in line for one of his cassette loop performances.