Take an inner-city mini-break and attend Hypnic State, a super novel event at Cape Town’s A4 Arts Foundation

Practically speaking, Hypnic State is an experimental event in a closed, safe and comfortable environment for a small audience to gather and be swept into a dream of immersive visuals, ethereal music performances and delicious midnight snacks from the comfort of a bed, provided by us, for you.

It’s the opportunity to go to an event in your cosiest pyjamas, softest pillow and favourite blanket to wake up transformed, energised and amazed, ready for a full hearty breakfast to uplifting sounds before we all disperse, back to reality. 

Hypnic State is by definition designed to stimulate your senses, so it is mandatory that you part with your cellphone for the duration of the event. We will store and safeguard your device.

Think of it as the best in-flight entertainment offer no airline would ever provide. Attendees are expected to converse in hushed tones or to remain silent and relax into the experience.

A dedicated lounge and outside deck area will be accessible for refreshments, perhaps a breath of cool night air. Whether you choose to sleep or stay awake during the night, Hypnic State encourages both for your return to this wondrous shared-experience slumber party.

Music by: The Other DJs, Ma’original, Būjin, Sean Ou Tim, JNN KPNVisuals by: Inka