The Color Blew’s new album Light Switch tracks against the grain with its ever-changing identity

Light Switch, the latest offering from Jo’burg based alternative-rock outfit The Color Blew is characterised by a blend of creativity and experimentation that mellows out towards the back-end.

Their determination to drive against the grain is evident from the jump. The searing, other-worldly guitar lines that appear throughout “Incandescent” are unexpected and bring a fresh feel to the hard, heavy foundation.

“The Man” has a hint of The Pixies to it before the first chorus takes on a more recognisable identity while “Dance Dance Dance” is a tense mixture of emotions. “African Sky,” a Paul Simon tinged love song, and “Emancipation Song,” a heart-felt nu-metal number, bring even more diversity to the party.

“Promise Me You Won’t Go Alone” marks a shift towards the conventional but still manages to maintain the band’s identity while “Black Dog,” not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin classic, is reminiscent of Seether in their angsty prime.

Light Switch is a dynamic, ever-shifting display of creativity and diversity that eventually grows into something more familiar.