The Drift bring the Deluge trilogy to a close with the well-balanced Seer

Sludge metal outfit The Drift’s latest album Seer is an expertly crafted emotional tour-de-force that never loses control.

The third and final album in the Deluge trilogy, preceded by their 2013 debut Dreams of Deluge and 2015’s The Mountain Star,  faces the absurdity of life with well-balanced restraint and release.

The album opens with “A Coward’s Wager”: a tragic instrumental piece that has a sense of fatality to it, before “Seer” comes in with its break-neck thrash-driven rage. Between the two of them, the opening two tracks set the scene for the rest of the album.

Songs like “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and “Funeral Man” balance anger and tragedy, while “Adrift” and “Day One” have an inescapable intensity in their melancholy. “Decider” is blistering in its fury, like a pissed off animal locked in a cage, whereas “Reclaim” takes a passionate but measured approach.

“A Passage in Time” gives us a chance to step back, breathe, and reflect on the tempestuous journey we’ve been taken on. The arpeggiated acoustic guitar and prog-esque electric melody lines are surprising but not unwelcome and give the band a more nuanced identity.Seer isn’t just another blistering, head-banging metal album but a balanced, well thought out journey that never gets overwhelming in its emotional force.