The Tazers celebrate the launch of their debut album with an evocative video for “Plastic Kids”

If you haven’t heard by now, Joburg-based psych-rock outfit The Tazers have released their debut album, Plastic Kids, and to celebrate they’ve graced us with a fever dream of a video for the title track.

With its subversion of the usual verse-chorus song-writing style “Plastic Kids” digs into the age-old desire to be noticed and loved. 

While the topic of attention-seeking might be verging on over-done, the sonic journey lends a rich, textured feel. From the easy-going riff-driven chorus, not dissimilar to the Allah-lahs, it dive-bombs into a murky verse.

It’s this liminal quality that the video feeds on. The ’70s themed visuals drip with detachment as the plastic kids do whatever they can to find the attention they crave. Largely set at a house party, the video holds an emptiness that’s palpable.

Even where there are glimmers of joy to be found you get the feeling that the happiness is empty and short-lived. When they wake up the next day with pounding hangovers chances are the characters will look back on those moments with a hint of regret – the kind of regret that comes from knowing, deep-down, that they were vain attempts at fulfilment. 

If “Plastic Kids” is a song about the price of vanity then its video is an exploration of the feelings that drive the need for attention and, ultimately, love.