There’s a revolution in the air and Niko10Long and Engelstof’s “Militand” video if proof

Niko10Long and Engelstof’s video for “Militand” brings past and present together to deliver a high-energy statement of intent.

With their machine-gun lyrics and no-nonsense confidence the duo rap about bringing the masses together for an unavoidable and bloody revolution.

To a certain degree the video follows genre norms. The pair drop bars in front of a group of people who are feeling the beat as much as them and who would, in the context of the song, follow them into battle with a second thought.

What gives the video its unique edge, though, are the visuals of armies, heads-of-state, and military generals from days gone by which are strewn throughout.

The archival footage lending a sense of power and authority to the gang-like nature of the present-day visuals. It gives the impression that this isn’t just about a small-time turf war but something bigger, something that will affect the country if not the world.

Niko10Long and Engelstof are on a mission and the video for “Militand” gives the lyrics an intimidating power that makes you take them more seriously.